International Public Space Art Biennale

Maracaibo, VE

After the demolition of the historic center of Maracaibo to build the Science Walk during the presidency of Rafael Caldera, a new governor destroys the only vestiges of that old footprint: the vegetation.

More than 50 years have passed since the removal of houses from the city center to make way for a new public space, disproportionate and full of an idea of ​​modernity based on the total cleanliness of history.


In this time the Science Walk (Paseo Ciencias) never managed to function as an appropriate space for the citizens and that it fulfilled its most elementary functions of the public realm. However, the only thing that could be saved was the growth of a large vegetation space in the center of the city.

This pseudo-central park, was worn by the multiple inhabitants of the area and appropriated by different inhabitants who got in their hundreds of square meters of concrete, handle to sleep or wander during the day. After all this time and the story of a failed attempt, a new ruler (governor) decided to eliminate the modern public walk, for a new type of public space, according to him, more beautiful.

Well, a new cleaning of what existed gave the science walk the face of a large French garden demolishing everything that existed, erasing the only salvageable: its beautiful and large trees, to be replaced by low bushes geometrically calculated in resemblance to the great school of French gardens. The erasure was erased, but again, with the aim of giving it a new face that is totally decontextualized and far from the contemporary reading of a city that has a strong warm climate and where the shadow of a tree is more than a gift.

We did not say that the Science Walk worked perfectly. On the contrary, it was always necessary to think of its re-qualification as an urban piece, but it is also not justifiable at this moment of environmental awareness, the destruction of the unique and possibly permanent of this space.

The intervention focuses on the second stage of this plan that fortunately was not carried out and that thanks to this action on vegetation that would be demolished in the progress of it, allowed to stop and reconsider its design.

No expiration date, it is an action-intervention based on political and environmental violence, which sought to denounce the elimination of vegetation in this espartium of downtown Maracaibo. More than 60 Kms of plastic to "preserve food" were used to make each of these trees visible to the eyes of the citizen, and tell a story thru texts the necessary conservation of them.