Client: Pirela-Geraud House


Maracaibo, VE

This house starts from two of the contemporary problems of housing.

On the one hand the device to inhabit, which immediately triggers the question about habits in the domestic space. The second problem has to do with the temporality of the family. While this house part of the budget of a couple of young married and professional and intended to work as a mutant and flexible device, to the extent that the initial concept of family is transformed.














General view of the house in its North-West facade. The house faces on its north face towards the landscape of Lake Maracaibo. The white volume that "fits" at the base of the house only fissures to allow the privacy of the room spaces and protect the light of more than 36 ° C.


















The first design strategy consisted of retracting the upper part of the volume of the house. In this way create a podium where the room area will rest.





















From the climatic point of view, the opening towards the north - south and closing the house towards the east - west façade, would allow to develop spaces according to the climate of an arid and hot city.
























The upper volume will rest on the carved base.






































In this way, the superposition of habits reinforces the idea of ​​a slight and changing object perched on a rigid base.























Ground floor of the house, where you can see the layout of the plant in two buildings. The first and widest corresponds to the social spaces of the house. The second, thinner and resting on the dividing wall, corresponds to the service areas.




















Upper floor. This distribution corresponds to the room spaces of the house. This plant represents the future state of the house, once the young family grows up and has children.