As a studio professor and researcher in the graduate and undergraduate programs my commitment it’s to drive experiments (theoretical / research through design) that can operate as a debate table with other disciplines. It is working along with other fields of knowledge that we can amplify and reimagine our disciplinary problems and build a robust agenda of discussion and research. In the recent years these topics have become in two lines of work in my studios but also in my research: The first one is the collision between Latin-American cities landscape and the infrastructures as a public opportunity (architectural anomalies): In Bogotá for example, Transmilenio System (Massive Public Transportation) is imbricated into the shopping malls.


The second, the BIOLENT CITY, is the re-characterization of violence (drug dealing, oil-gas contraband, paramilitarism, political diaspora frontiers crossing, among others) in the territory in a series of landscape architecture and urban design experiments that can revert the continuous depredation of the natural resources in our cities.