International Urban Ideas Competition Entry

Medellin River in the future

Medellin, COL

Our project for Medellin is based on an elementary principle, the basis of human and material relations: to separate to unite. We start from the awareness that all union is forged in the separation and valuation of the other or the other by its absence and its desire. Because we long for a fully integrated Medellin, we accept and value its present condition of city divided and separated in two hemispheres by a river and we potentiate this separation. We know that the two hemispheres of the city look at each other without seeing each other, they face each other without knowing each other and this is due, in part, to the fact that they do not recognize themselves through their counterparts.


We want these two hemispheres that make up the city and that face, fall in love and for this we propose that the river Medellín, that divides the city, is more than a river; That serves as mediator, facilitator and detonator of a new and vital relationship. We want to generate the opposite of the wall separating Berlin, which separates Israel from Palestine or that distance the United States from Mexico. We want to counteract the deep division that Doris Salcedo points out with her Shibboleth crack.


WE PROPOSE A GREAT VEIL OR SHADE OF WATER AND STEAM WITH A CONSIDERABLE HEIGHT THAT EMERTS OF THE OWN NATURAL CAUCE AND TO TRAVEL ALL THE CITY. WE WANT THAT THROUGH THIS GREAT VEIL OF WATER IS INTERREED ON THE OTHER SIDE, IT IS SUGGESTED, INCIDENTED AND ANNOUNCE WHAT IS BEYOND AS ALICE IS ANNOUNCED FOR A WORLD OF WONDERS THROUGH THE MIRROR. We want to create an awareness of what is on the other side of the mirror. We want to emphasize that this other side is like this. And since that other side can be glimpsed but not seen, we can come to desire and yearn for it. Through the visual and sonic veil that the water seeks, the architectural subtleties that determine and fix the aspect of economic strata and social differences that blur. You see only outlines, lights and colors. The other side of the mirror will be a suggestive place; A longed-for place; A place to be seen and explored. We will make of this not a city of oneness but a couple city, a city of lovers separated by an environmental veil.

Equipo (en asocio con): Juan Pablo Aschner y 5inco Arquitectos